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All ConvertedU courses are broken up into multiple, concise lessons, to ensure maximum learning and resource investment.

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Leadpages is the industry leader in conversion education and tools. When you join a ConvertedU course, you’ll learn from the best of the best.

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Engage through instructor feedback or during office hours for help to pinpoint opportunities for improvement and solving problems.


ConvertedU includes an array of materials including exercises and quizzes designed to engage you in a learn-then-do method.

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Actively take part in specialized groups to deepen your learning experience and share your discoveries with like-minded pros.

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Build your confidence and expertise with how our conversion and automation products work and can work most effectively for you. All product training courses are built to easily guide you through the basics of getting started to the summit of your success. Take a course step-by-step from beginning to end, or jump in anywhere to make even more progress.

Conversion Marketing


Completing this training and becoming Conversion Marketing Certified will help you generate higher conversions throughout the entire Conversion Marketing Lifecycle - from converting more Internet browsers into website visitors, to increasing conversions of visitors into leads, leads into customers and customer into promoters - in proven and actionable ways.

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Conversion Marketing Lifecycle Courses

Browsers into Visitors


Visitors into Leads


Leads into Customers


Customers into Promoters


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The Conversion Marketing Certified Directory is your place to find the help you need for powering up your business growth with recognized experts in conversion marketing.