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We live and work in exciting times, don’t we? Times of great change, disruption and innovation, while exciting in theory can be downright confusing, complex and yes frustrating to wade through all the puzzle pieces to figure it out, especially if you’re a busy professional, a thought leader in your industry, a small business owner, or running a non-profit. I like to think of it as having lots of choices and strategies to choose from and you just need a trusted advisor or guide to help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Where do you start? How do you get measurable results quickly? Leadpages is a great way to set up the framework to begin connecting with your customers at each of the 4 Stages of the Customer Journey-from browser to qualified lead to buyer to loyal brand advocate. Leadpages and Drip together allow you to accelerate through the cycles of the 4 stages of the customer journey with your brand, with precision and speed. You’ll get more attention from the right fit prospects, convert them into buyers more easily, then turn them into repeat buyers to increase your sales. Then with the right nurturing programs in place, into loyal brand advocates. I can help. In fact we can help. As one of the first or inaugural professionals here at Conversion U to be certified, along with Corinne Floyd, who is an integral part of our expert team, and one of the few existing Drip certified experts, we are uniquely positioned to help you create a steady stream of perfect fit prospects, customers and sales. To learn more about Corinne, go to her profile in this Directory You’re smart and you know what you want (and don’t want). We’re smart, inventive, experienced and insightful. We don’t believe in the cookie cutter approach either. In fact, getting to know our customers is hugely important to us, because how else can we help you GROW your business? We focus on strategies and communications that deepen relationships over time with customers, so we are very customer centric in all we do. We love to work virtually and offer one -on -one virtual training for you and /or your team. (hard to find) We are a team of teachers and trainers at heart, and will be offering intimate small group sessions, on setting up the 6 step Framework we’ve developed to get you (or a team member) started with your marketing online as we move forward over the summer and fall. As a sales strategist and customer growth advisor today, I have many years in sales and organizational design, as a consultant and as a business owner. If you think we’re a good fit, just click my website link above the green Get in Touch button on my profile and let me know what you need help with. We can then schedule a conversation to discuss your specific challenges you’re having in your business and how we can help you. I love learning about people and their stories of their entrepreneurial journeys. Looking forward to connecting with you and hearing yours. Elizabeth Harrington elizabeth@elizabethharrington.com

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