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Automation, Segmentation and Personalization is the future of Email Marketing.

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I only work with e-mail marketing! Hi, my name is Ken Westgaard and I love using Drip, this is my area of expertise. It's a huge advantage rather than using someone who works with general digital marketing, or a larger agency that really isn't focused on email marketing. Most often, this is something extra that they can offer, and usually in the form of something as simple as a newsletter. Let's say you wanted to get some pictures of your newborn. Would you go for the photographer that does wedding, portrait, pets, studio, outdoors, etc. OR would you go for someone who only take photos of newborns? You would go for the latter, right? And same goes for Lawyers and Doctors as well. You would want talk to someone who knows all there is to know about your specific problem. Same goes for email marketing. If e-mail marketing is so essential to your business and future growth, imagine how your situation will be if you choose to do nothing.

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