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R.O.I. - That's the name of the're only as good as the profit you help your client bring in. My team and I are 100% focused on cutting away the hype and getting down to what will get YOU the RESULTS that you want. Whether you're promoting your next product launch, hosting a webinar, launching a course or wanting to grow your following...I've done it all and gotten RESULTS. We can talk Facebook Ad Strategy, Messenger Bots, product/course creation, email and affiliate marketing, webinars and my FAVORITE...strategic content marketing. Whether you're brand new to the world of online marketing or you're a seasoned PRO who needs a little team and I've got your back. We can take your dream and work together to create a RESULTS-driven strategy that will turn that dream into a REALITY. My name is Stephanie and I'm an out-of-the-box, computer geek that has retained her people skills despite the depth of my extensive training and obsession with all things tech & marketing. I'm dedicated to devouring new technology and adding it to my knowledge-addicted brain so that I can help catapult my client's potential to the highest degree. I genuinely love to see people succeed while taking the STRESS and mystery out of the tech so that the product/message can reach it's full reach for MAXIMUM ROI. My team and I pride ourselves on freeing business owners to follow their passion while we get to follow ours (the tech). Let's get started making your DREAM a REALITY - Click the "WORK WITH ME" button and take that first step... ----------------------------------------------------- Here's what other say about working with me: "It would be worth creating a company just to work with Stephanie. The lady is tireless for her clients, uniquely talented in both technology and marketing, and a whiz at expressing complex concepts in simple English (and probably Thai too). She is professional in excellence, down-to-earth, and ever the optimist regardless of your challenge. I have worked with Stephanie on half a dozen very different companies and projects and am looking forward to the next!" ~ Mark Mangrum, Front Burner Ideas "Stephanie is truly a beacon of hope among many who try so diligently. Her attitude and vibrance were just as essential to me as my morning cup of coffee. A consistent uplifter filled will love. Do not be fooled by the caring and generous aura; Stephanie is genuinely inclined to impress with her ability to absorb new information and put them into a practical, efficient working model. Truth be told, if you work with Stephanie you will come to rely on her skill set in ALL situations. She is a go getter that can charge a team. No matter what facet we worked together in; co workers, contract work (she hired me), contract work (I hired her) she always impressed me. She is reliable, trustworthy and ultimately one of the best people I have ever met." ~ Brian Allen, Business Technology Expert at Oklahoma Small Business Development Center "I have known Stephanie since 2012. I have come to know her as a person with a great and rare ability to give attention to detail and stay focused on issue at hand under great time pressure and other external pressures. Her commitment and ability to listen will give you a business partner who puts your business on the front seat with a commitment to help you to solve your business goals and offer valuable insight and ability to fulfilling them." ~ Aki Niemi

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